District Ajmer is the heart of Rajasthan. At division leavel there are four districts Bhilwara,Ajmer,Tonk and Nagour. Industrilization of district Ajmer is progressively increasing due to national highway No.8 and broad guage line.

       Up to 31.3.2008 the position of industrialization in the district are as follows.



Investment (Rs. in crors)


Micro, Small & Medium




Large Enterprises




            There are four sub division like Ajmer, Kishangarh, Kekri and Beawar.


The registered No of MSME’S in Ajmer Sub division are 5702. The main MSEM’s are casting, Engineering workshop, Bread & Biscuit, Flour Mill Parts, Re-rolling Mills, Electronic etc. The HMT Ltd. is a large scale, Enterprises situated at Beawer Road, Ajmer. Manufacturing leath Machine & Machine Tools, other one is Ajmer dairy Producing Milk, Ghee & Butter.

Industrial Areas have been developed by RIICo. These are H.M.T. I & II, Makhupur & Parbatpura. Another one is Gegal Situated at Ajmer-Kishangarh Rout Appx. 12 KM ahead from Ajmer towords,Jaipur.


Powerloom Enterprises:-

            Kishangarh is a very Important Subdivison of Ajmer District. There are 4308 MSME’s registered by DIC,Ajmer. The main activities of these MSME’s are Powerloom Cloth, Marble Slabs, Tiles, Crazy, Granite slab etc.

            In Powerloom sector there are 600 Enterprises having 4500 Powerloom in working position. There are 8566 direct & indirect Employment and the fixed capital Investment is Rs. 12 Crore. In powerloom Enterprises different size of looms have been established these are 120”, 110”, 102” ,80”, 72” ,50”, 52” & 48 the main machinery in this sector is sectional warping & winding. Raw material is purchased from Gulabpura, Bhilwara, Gangapur, Jhansi, ichhalkaran, Haryanas & Kanpur. The No. of 6, 10, 16, 20, 24, 30 & 34 count yarn is used in powerloom clothes. The powerloom cloth is supplied to Jaipur, Pali, Balotra, Amritsar, Sarthana, Delhi, Agra & Panipat. Textile Based another MSME’s are sizing 12, sectional warping 10, Bleaching 3, Clandering 2 & Dying & Printing-2 Enterprises are setup at kishangarh.

Marble & Granite Enterprises:-

            At Kishangarh there are 400 Gangsaw estabilished mfg. marble slabs & tiles. The Investment in marble units is of Rs. 400 Crore. This sector emplyed 7 thousand direct & indirect persons. In the 32 Granite enterprise Rs. 16 Crore capital investment & 385 persons have been employed. Another main enterprises are of marble cutting & crazy. The Investment is of Rs. 15.30 Crore & 1995 persons have been employed in marble edge cutting units.

            The world famous R.K. Marbles is situated at Kishangarh. Industrial Area are developed by Riico Ltd. These are I,II,III & IV Phases industrial area & marble mandi also developed by Riico another industrial area Silora is also developed by Riico. that is situated at Jaipur- NSD Rd, N.H.No.8 Roopangarh I & II Phase rural area have been developed by Distt. Industries Centre.



            At Kishangarh the world class kishangarh art developed on paper, cloth, wooden, marble & leather. These painting are exported to various countries. patch work on badsheet & pillow cover mfrd at Kishangarh, Village- Tilonia, Harmara & Narana. Marble Handicraft made at kishangarh & Roopangarh these are marble temple, table lamp, Marble flowerpot etc. kishangarh silk & wooden paintings are famous at world level. The Kalidas & lalit acadmy award have been received by kishangarh artisans. Artisans of kishangarh have been ownered at state lavel.

Sub division, Beawer:-

            Sub division, BWR is the Important sub division of Ajmer district. There are 3190 MSME’s registered at DIC,Ajmer. The main Enterprises are cement Jali, pipe, asbastose cement pipe quartz feldspar grinding, powerloom woolen based etc.

             The capital investment is Rs.12 crore. by these MSME’s direct &indirect persons emplosyed are 5000. There are 86 ball mill  situated. The capital investment is Rs.10.67crror . In ball mill 1250 person employed in ball mill unit. M/s Shree cement Ltd., Raj Cement, BWR  Shree Vijay Cotton Mill, Bijainagar are the large scale enterprises of the Sub division, BWR.

            In the private sector there are three industrial areas. These are Jawharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri & Indra Gandhi Industrial Area. Riico have also developed three industrial areas like Industrial Area, I, II, III. Another one woolen complex Gohana have also been developed by Riico at Gohana. At Gohana there are 25 plots which have been planned & all are allotted to Enterprenurs. At Bijainagar industrial Area is also developed by Riico.

Sub division, Kekri:-

            Kekri is one of the main sub division of Ajmer district. There are 1925 MSME’s registered at District Industries Centre. The main Enterprises are woolen mills, surgical cotton, Oil mills, mica, Quartz & feldspar grinding, & woolen Carpet manufacturing. Industrial Areas developed by Riico at kekri are 3 industrial areas like industrial Area Kekri I,II,III. New industrial Area developed at sawar (Onkarpura) another industrial Area is sarwar also developed by Riico.

Rural Industrial Areas developed by DIC:-

Roopangarh I.A.-I

            Roopangarh Ind.Area developed by DIC. There are 44 plots out of these 43 plots are allotted & one plot reserved for service centre 40 enterprises are in production of marble slabs & Tiles.

Roopangarh I.A.-II

            According to demand of enterprises, Roopangarh Industrial Area II have been developed by DIC. There are 90 plots in IInd Phase all plots are allotted to enterprenure.

            91 Bigha land reserved for expansion of Roopangarh II. Now at present DIC has handed over this area to Riico for further development.

Industrial Area Bhagwanpura,Jawaja:-

            At Bhagwanpura Jawaja one industrial area has been developed by DIC. It has 16 plots and all have been allotted to enterprenure.There main mfg. activity is mineral grinding.

Industrialiazation & potential Industries:-

            Riico have developed 22 Industrial Areas upto 31.3.08 in Ajmer District there are 3514 plots planned in theses area. Out of these 3248 plots have been allotted 235 plots are under construction & 53 plots are still vacant.

            District Industrieal Centre registered 7891 Enterprises upto 31.3.89. After 20 years time i.e. upto 31.3.08 the no. of MSME’s have gone upto 15683 enterprises. The capital investment is 55925.44 lacs now and employment 76441 this indicate the gradual rise in Industrialization.

Potential Industries of Ajmer district are as below:-


Sub Division




Iron casting, Engg. workshop, Agriculture Implements, Bread Biscuit, Namkeen, Leather shoe, Nutrition Food, Ayurvedic medicine, Tomato catch up, steel furniture, Re-rolling mill, Gota, Readymade Garments, plastic molded items, wooden furniture, washing soap, stationery item, Computer dtp, flour mill parts.



Marble slab & Tiles, chips & crazy, power loom cloth, Handicraft, Iron fabrication, cold storage, steel furniture, engg.workshop, readymade garment, plastic molded items, computer dtp, stationery.



Asbestos cement pipe, quartz, feldspar grinding, woolen based item, power loom, oil expeller, Agriculture Implements, Bakery item, leather shoes, cold storage, engg. workshop, offset printing, wooden furniture, battery plates, stationery, ayurvedic medicine, ice-cream,



Oil Mill, Dal Mill, Woolen Mills, Agriculture Implement, Bakery, Steel Febrication, Wooden Furniture, Washing Shop.


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